❁Three Poems for April❀✾


  Limerick of Illumination
Though darkness will claim I offend,
I’ll use verse as my means toward an end:
It’s OK to see light . . .
It’s OK to to be right
(If there’s anything left to defend).


Random Couplets
Devise a revision to revise the division–
let them tremble at this lying vision:
and, like some Antinomian libertine
abuse the grace of Christ and cause a scene
in Jewsalem, capitol of the Gentile world;
the rainbow flag is soon to be unfurled.
Messianic foreskin cast away;
God’s own body must illuminate the way.
Tautology thought: theology taught:
Mufti and the atheists all distraught.
Pre-formed references yield
to reformed preferences.


When Christ returns (with the men in white)
to take me away in the dead of night
to my celestial padded cell
I’ll then be far from the noise of hell.
His men in white will check me in
and fix my doses—dull the din;
His angels will restrain my madness
Filling my heart with Christian gladness.


write a short poem (or a few, if you’re inspired) that follows the beats of a *classic joke.

(*Well this should be easy, since ALL true Poetry follows the beats of a classic joke…)



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