Monsters and Blue Lines

PROMPT 19: write a poem about something that scared you
or was used to scare you – and which still haunts you.
I have spoken before about monsters here at ConnectHook.
I wish you protection from monsters at every level. Even poetic monsters . . .


The worst monsters are REAL.

   Sword and Scale

A True Crime binge has brought me here
To share with you my darkest fear:

Earth’s eternal curse: the wicked.
Criminals can play both sides—
Guilt may finally be acquitted,
Truth unites when sin divides.

Where humanity is shattered
Thin blue lines have always mattered

Thank the Lord for good policemen. . .
(Women too, let truth be told.)
All shall be revealed in heaven;
Badges there transcend mere gold.

Law and justice light the pyre—
Thugs and pigs deserve their fire.

We, the living, should be grateful
For the ones who do what’s right.
Exposing all the hidden hateful:
Our great duty in this fight.


This one put me over the edge.

I DARE you to listen to all of it.



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