White Hoodz


Letz keep it real and talk cosmetic care:
You despise a white blonde—but ape her hair.
You celebrate Blackness, but lighten your skin;
Hate on white neighborhoods. Then you move in;
Blame us for everything, covet our goods . . .
Tell me once again about those white hoods.
Culturally appropriate: hair made straight:
Chemical process of permanent hate.


PROMPT 23: write a poem of your own that has multiple numbered sections. Attempt to have each section be in dialogue with the others, like a song where a different person sings each verse, giving a different point of view. Set the poem in a specific place that you used to spend a lot of time in, but don’t spend time in anymore.



2 comments on “White Hoodz

  1. jilldomschot says:

    It’s sad. This is the way people who are bullied act. One moment, hating on anyone who resembles their tormentors and the next wanting to be accepted by them

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  2. Chado says:

    The dialectical process by which a thing crosses over to become its own satanic opposite… yes.


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