Las Señoritas Muñequitas de Gringolandia

Predatory in superficiality
Full of false dignity
Brimming with self
Loading my mind with puteríos
Esas vaginas vainas
Screaming for objectification
Parade before me:
Televised Americanized Latinas
Projecting pseudo-sexuality
Celebrating vanity:
Controladoras culonas
Dramatistas inseguras
Hyperdramatic gesticulations
From calculadoras dolarizadas
Miami Syndrome: terminal stage
Stares out from their chrome-plated eyes
Calculating appearances.


Doña Fulana del Barrio

Clucking and squawking
About who laid a huevo
Sentadita en su mecedora
Scratching and gossiping
About the barrio barnyard
Superficialidades y trivialidades
Con mucha drama
Hablando del hijo de la prima
de su mamá
as if life were some sort
of fowl telenovela.




write a portrait poem that focuses on or plays with the meaning of the subject’s name.

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