Church of Dead-Jesus-on-a-Stick;
Church of hierophant headgear;
Church of mincing around in purple vestments;
Church of get the choirboy in the rectory;
Church of Mary-this and Mary-that;
Church of turn your back to the congregation
mumbo-jumbo move vessels around;
Church of suppress the scriptures;
Church of hoarded religious art
where Christ looks like
an effeminate pink duke;
Church of what’s in Vatican vaults;
Church of cut a deal with gangsters;
(cross yourself double-crossed)
Church of burned at the stake
most everyone
who wanted to be Christian;

4 comments on “Ecclesia

  1. Thank you for your words. I used them in my cento that I posted today on my blog, along with other final April lines. You’re welcome to read it here:

    Be well,

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