Smash the Red Square

with the Blonde Wedge !

Russians, Russians EVERYWHERE (especially Maxine W’s head !)

Subject of song takes a long drag of Black Russian Sobranie. Exhales into screen.
Long pan-out to nocturnal Moscow skyline.  Protagonist speaks to surveillance camera:

“Hack, hack ←(cyber-cough). The Kremlin’s gremlins, rootin’ for Putin, play algorithm n’blues and crank out fake news. Meanwhile, democrat moonbats’ media-bots take cheap shots—not Stolichnaya, but Maxine’s unclean waters, dribbling all over Trump and Mother Russia’s noble daughters. Turn on the Alt-Right nightlight: dispel the New Left daydream until the click-baiting Hillary-hating KGB turn on the hi-beam. Gotcha ! GOTCHA !
Now dance Kamchatka… or is maybe hevink other name, the Kossack dance?
I esk Natasha.”

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