Pseudobulbar Paroxysms


Bark like a rooster, roar like a chicken
Fake those healings till we sicken;
Churchy frenzies, righteous quavers—
Charismaniacs and ravers.
Holy laughs from Howie Browne
Lame libations: drink it down
Until you sprawl on the temple floor
searching for God’s own unlocked door.


write a poem based on an obscure and interesting English word.

Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA) is a neurological condition that causes outbursts of uncontrolled or inappropriate laughing or crying. It is also known by other names including emotional lability, pathological laughing and crying, involuntary emotional expression disorder, compulsive laughing or weeping, or emotional incontinence.


Landscapes of Nothing

The majestic grandeur of hope and opportunity of the painted landscape was rendered down into navel-gazing eternity by Mark Rothko‘s landscapes of nothing. Without the background of the centuries of written word that these paintings have come to replace, our pop culture viewing the Western civilization Visual Cliffs Notes can imagine whatever meaning their shallow minds can conceive.

Nancy Coppock: Christian Nihilism