Prompt #12, Limericked


Afrofuturism  (n.):

a movement in literature, music, art, etc., featuring futuristic or science fiction themes
which incorporate elements of Black history and culture


a Roman matron, who frequented the forum, forgetful of female decency.
(p. 58,  Lempriere’s Classical Dictionary)

Afrania, deficient in decency,
took her freak to a very high frequency.
Though not quite Cardi B,
she continues to be
the vile Roman, opposed to all quiescency.

Let’s compare and contrast: Maurice white
and his players took funk to the height
of all excellent altitude:
(Listen to Gratitude !)
Afrofuturism bright.

The perfection of Earth, Wind & Fire
shall continue to awe and inspire.
But in truth, all I see
in that foul Cardi B.
is a potty-mouth puta for hire.

In the end, Afrofuturist soul
Should consider its ultimate goal:
to alarm or inspire ?
Invite praise or satire
Of its cultural value, in whole . . .


write a poem using at least one word/concept/idea from each of two specialty dictionaries: Lempriere’s Classical Dictionary and the Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction.

NOTES for this prompt response:

♥  EWF alight from their pods in 2022 and squirm to hear Cardi B
  EWF perform flawless live set
  Cardi WAPS them with her fake fingernails
  Maurice White accuses her in falsetto
  Parliament Funkadelic originates the sound, it degenerates to beats like a dinosaur’s autonomic nervous system

Todo Listo

Paella ingredients for Tuesday w/Hernando de T

  •    velvet + jewelery sale 
      ♣ Polish Ferdinand's scepter
  • Finance conquest of territories for glory of Catholic Spain
    • Get throne reupholstered 

Subjugate inhabitants of the New World & locate gold for Imperial crown ☺

  • Leeching appointment with physician ♦ BRING ROSARY ♦!! 

Talk to Toledo archbishop RE: burning heretics (next Sunday)

 ♥ Get Ferdinand’s ermine robes from cleaners  ♥ ♥  ♥ 

⊕ Smite Moorish Saracens/drive out of Spain(if time before nxt weeknd)

PROMPT #9: write a poem in the form of a “to-do list.”


Arcana VII

I drove a chariot for Egypt’s dead gods,
obeyed decrees of an angry Pharaoh.
Vision widens where hope seems to narrow
as coral crusts the rims and axle-rods.
Submerged upon the sands my army’s host;
Erythrean currents their secrets keep.
The waters gave way, drowned me in the deep
while God led you forth toward your promised coast.
There was no choice for me, the charioteer.
A tyrant sent me forth to hunt you down;
pursuing you, I thought your end was near.
In the descent, I lost my star and crown.
My lord was false, while yours continues strong . . .
I rise from depths to further you along.


 Charioteer3  Charioteer2


Day 7: Shadorma followed by a Fib

The shadorma is a six-line, 26-syllable poem (or a stanza – you can write a poem that is made of multiple shadorma stanzas). The syllable count by line is 3/5/3/3/7/5.


  Lyrical Sow

As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, 
So is a lovely woman who lacks discretion.
                                                   Proverbs 11:22

Bang that thing:

Angry piano,

All black keys,

Sharps and flats;

Pull that ring out of your snout

And POUND that thing.


Then, that ring:

take it, melt it down,

make a mold,

cast a god,

and bow before your idol

(a vicious poem).


The Fib is a six-line form. But now, the syllable count is based off the Fibonacci sequence of 1/1/2/3/5/8. You can  link multiple Fibs together into a multi-stanza poem, or even start going backwards after your first six lines, with syllable counts of 8/5/3/2/1/1





your home

for this land

and now you live here

and complain like a hypocrite.

You rail against America

while you suck her tit:

your new mom,

this land,