Last Exit: Gehenna

1) Be very broad-minded. Take the Broad Road.
(It is paved with good intentions and says Fool’s Gold, can’t miss it)

2) When you see the signs for salvation, declare loudly that you are tolerant and loving and that sin is an outmoded relic of patriarchal religion.

3) Follow the virtue-signals away from the true light towards your own sinful conceit.

4) Deny absolute truth when you get to Philosophy and take the exit toward Esthetics.

5) Stay on the path of least resistance. Celebrate ANYTHING except the God of Scripture.

6) When the road diverges, revile the nationalist R., along with tradition.
Hatefully label your fellow citizens as Racist Nazis until you merge onto Interfaith 666 at Hypocrisyville.

7) Turn repeatedly L. while flattering  yourself that you are progressive and enlightened.

8) Follow the exact same agenda and antichrist values as that of trans-national corporations while telling yourself you are a bold free-thinker “resisting fascism”.

9) Follow the bumper-stickers of the tenured professor in front of you for 59 miles.

10) Your destination is on the Left, but there’s still time to change the road you’re on
(if the Led Zeppelin song ends and you see the people leaving church as reactionary rubes, you have gone too far.)


Approx. time to arrive in Hell = 1 lifetime

Alternate routes click HERE


a poem in the form of a series of directions describing how a person should get to a particular place.

Great Scot !

Relighting Presbyterian roots,
God’s forest-fire convolutes…

contentious times burn heterodox.

The catholic cuckoos make their round—
strange fire and popery abound;

Deus Ex Machina winds the clocks.

Let all attend the holy skirl,
an armored tartaned highland whirl

escaping from God’s music box:

a blare of sixteenth-century pipes.
unleashes types on antitypes.
Pure Calvinistic grace unlocks

 the portal’s gate—and, opening wide,
the frightened worldlings peer inside
beholding heaven’s equinox.

We chasten the imploding West
for Bloody Mary’s crimes confessed
(upon the Catholic queen a pox)

but praise the captain of the Kirk
for interplanetary work.

(His enterprising doctrine rocks.)

in the MIX
PROMPT 29: Imagine a window looking into a place or onto a particular scene.



What can you do with a nation in pajamas
Shuffling around in marijuana smoke?
How can dignity be restored
To those who barely possessed it?


What can u do w/a nation in pajamas
Whose baby-mamas wait for government checks?
How can a people be taught to read
Who only live to peruse their phone ?


What can u do w/a nation in pajamas
Rolling-jiggling toward morbidly obese?
How will that nation be made to grasp
That poverty is learned response ?



write a poem that invokes a specific object as a symbol of a particular time, era, or place.

Martian Ladies: The Lost Lines


There's a place on Mars/Where the ladies smoke cigars
Every puff they take/Is enough to kill a snake
When the snake is dead/They plant roses in its head
When the roses die/They put diamonds in its eye 
When the diamonds crack/They put mustard down its back
When the mustard dries/It attracts the Martian flies
When the flies get stomped/It becomes a Martian prompt
When the prompt gets writ/Then the Martians have a fit
When the fit is tight/Martian snakes begin to bite
If they bite your face/You become a Martian case
But your case won't close/Till your poems decompose




Write a poem that, like a Nursery rhyme, uses lines that have a repetitive set-up.