Ruthless Limericks


Ruthie Ginsburg is gone, and that’s sad.
Trump will find a replacement to add.
Let us look on and cheer
As appointment draws near;
The progressives now drive themselves mad.


From the ACLU to the Court,
she promoted the right to abort.
You may claim she was God’s
but she seemed, by all odds
more a midwife of murderous tort.


Say goodbye. Now her honor is spent.
A new judge now begins their ascent.
Ruthie’s star has gone dead.
A black hole . . . or a red?
(Only Jesus can say where she went.)



Riotous Limericks

You’re so stupid you think it’s sincere:
Urban violence designed to spread fear.
It’s a crisis they use
When they win, we all lose;
Civil chaos. The methods are clear.

Angry rent-a-mobs, looting and burning,
Destroy other’s livelihoods, earning
A good rioter’s wage
For destruction and rage
(As the locals, too late, are now learning).

The democrat leaders in Minn.
Are uncertain just where to begin
Cleaning egg off their faces.
They egg on the races . . .
The narrative’s starting to spin.