Quantum Limericks


Dark matter that dwells in black holes
is still subject to cosmic controls.
It opposes the light
and can never be right
but there’s lots of it left in our souls.

Extinguishing all that is bright
darkness flows, to invade with the night,
overtaking the towns.
overthrowing the crowns
of the powers that reign in the light.

Although darkness will claim I offend,
I’ll use verse as my means toward an end:
it’s OK to see light . . .
it’s OK to to be right
(if there’s anything left to defend).





PROMPT #11: write a poem about a very large thing (the universe)

¡ Viva el LIMERICK !

Un joven Marxista peludo
(mejor dicho: tirano barbudo)
adornó camisetas,
también pantaletas –
irónico chiste agudo.

Maldito malandro Guevara
alabado por voz y guitarra,
fue la gran obra-maestra
(pero no de la diestra)
y queda la pata con garra.

A Marxist Messiah named CHE
was mistaken (by night) for the Day.
Bringing light to the masses
(who wore their sunglasses)
the luminance faded away…

The image of CHE on a shirt
always triggers my right to assert
that the crime of the Left
is not property theft,
but Idolatry: blind and overt.

The communist rock-star Ernesto
never dreamed that his mug would be blessed so –
re-branded revision,
immune to derision.
Would history ever have guessed so?

The militant monogram CHE
was perceived as the herald of day-
from a murderous tyrant
to Christ-like aspirant:
reality withered away.

A Pride of Limericks


The annual Darwin Gay Ball
Was a gala occasion for all.
The Australopithecus
Looked quite ridiculous
Leaning, half-drunk, on the wall.

Zinjanthropus, high on bananas
Uttered forth a long chain of Hosannas.
Although missing a link,
He knew just what to think
And went cruising for greener savannas.

The Cro-Magnons (more agile than Lucy)
Like their hunting and gathering juicy . . .
The mating was prime
And their dance, so sublime,
Could out-monkey the funky Watusi.

‘Twas a lowbrow event; all the same,
Proto-drag-queens competed for fame.
The divine Homo Habilis,
Hairy, but fabulous,
Gave Knuckle-Dragging its name.

Homo Sapiens‘ wisdom has wrecked us
As the Darwinist doctrines infect us.
Knuckle-draggers may dream,
But bonobos now scream
That the winner is: Homo Erectus!