Beastly Limericks Prompted

I’m lacking motivation for National Poetry Writing Month, April 2023.

The inane prompts will bring on paroxysms of poetry-rage… I already expect that.
But at least I can bring forth from my storehouse certain drafts I have had sitting around since last May, as well as attempt to follow some of the prompts.
This first one is tolerable enough:

Bonobos and Seahorses mate
in a very peculiar state.
First they raise up  a flag—
then they dress up in drag
to attack and accuse and berate.

Let the rainbow resume its old role
Or we’ll have to call damage control;
It’s a sign from above;
Yes, it’s true God is love,
but He may not forgive your lost soul.

write a poem that plays with the idea of a fun fact.


Badly-punctuated Equilibria

The annual Darwin Gay Ball
Was a gala occasion for all.
The Australopithecus
Looked quite ridiculous
Leaning, half-drunk, on the wall.

Zinjanthropus, high on bananas
Uttered forth a long chain of Hosannas.
Although missing a link,
He knew just what to think
And went cruising for greener savannas.

The Cro-Magnons (more agile than Lucy)
Like their hunting and gathering juicy . . .
The mating was prime
And their dance, so sublime,
Could out-monkey the funky Watusi.

‘Twas a lowbrow event; all the same,
Proto-drag-queens competed for fame.
The divine Homo Habilis,
Hairy, but fabulous,
Gave Knuckle-Dragging its name.

Homo Sapiens‘ wisdom has wrecked us
As the Darwinist doctrines infect us.
Knuckle-draggers may dream,
But bonobos now scream
That the winner is: Homo Erectus!


Teapot Tempests of Limerick

Our election, the ballots reveal,
Was a farce and a fix and a steal.
It’s a kangaroo court–
Your attention span’s short;
But the liars continue to squeal.

The Capitol gig was no riot…
Over half of the nation won’t buy it.
Two summers before,
We had riots galore—
But the media-mongers deny it.

All the video cameras reveal
That the 6th was a minor ordeal.
They walked calmly inside;
It’s a shame Ashley died,
But it’s not like they stormed the Bastille…


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