Presbyterian Restraint


Honest Presbyterians
acknowledge Luciferians

Prudent Presbyterians
break bread with Luciferians

Proper Presbyterians
preach Christ to Luciferians

Fragile Presbyterians
sing hymns with Luciferians

Gentle Presbyterians
give place to Luciferians

Milquetoast Presbyterians
soon yield to Luciferians

PC Presbyterians
include the Luciferians

Rampant Presbyterians
make fun of Luciferians

Write a poem that uses repetition.
You can repeat a word, or phrase. You can even repeat an image,
perhaps slightly changing or enlarging it from stanza to stanza,
to alter its meaning.

Global Renewal

Another false prophet, another beast—
Another peace process for the Middle East . . .
Another massacre, a newer war;
A bright new scarlet global whore.
Another poem, another curse
A further plunge from worst to worse . . .
Another sociopathic brute
Another bitch in a business suit
Another smiling psychopath
Another angel’s bowl of wrath
Another data-driven plan
To twist yet further fallen man . . .
A bolder data-driven lie
As LUCIFER ascends the sky
Another depression, another bust—
In MAMMON we supremely TRUST !

Global Fail

Lucifer, pimp of our pornified planet,
gun-running seraph, whose reign is unraveling
tries yet again to consolidate, babbling.
Heaven will damn it.

Paradigms shifting, his queendom implodes.
His cave-dwelling subjects discover true sight—
then they storm the projection-room: new light.
Dawn, delayed, forebodes.

No more denial, no more to defend
dictatorial oversight, global sedation.
The pharmacological indoctrination
has now reached its end.





Take the easy way:
call it poetry. End it
like a samurai

IMAGE CREDIT:  ninetymilesfromtyranny