Alicia Powe vs. Semi-informed Felines

Hey you! In the vagina-hat,
frumpy feminist dressed in pink;
we men (what do you make of that)
would love to know just what you think.

We’ve heard of “ass-hats”, anyway.
But we can see the other side:
it’s orificial bombs away
as bridegrooms now behold the bride.

Gynecology on parade:
how weird. You think it makes your point?
It’s more a vaginal charade,
and promises to disappoint.

You say your cap evokes your pussy;
feline foolishness, I say.
It’s cat in bag when fems get fussy
showing patriarchs the way.

FULL POEM and more Mansplaining HERE

Feminism in Word & Deed


Kiss my assurance in solidarity
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Tammy Wynette: Gender Justice in Action

Shout-out to my SISTAZ

in solidarity against patriarchy –

the moontides are with us
and (elle)mental magick is flowing…

Sista-Warrior for GENDER JUSTICE!
Is it a War on Women
or a Win on Warmin’?

(Slay them before the MUMU )

Down boy...  SIT.