Islands of Intensity

I am learning to put more visuals in with the poems, obsessing over dumb little details that no one but me will ever notice. Why am I doing this blog? It is definitely a need I have had for a long time – to fashion a repository for what I cherish most: poetry, images, thoughts, lines of flight [anyone out there ever read Deleuze/Guattari’s  Anti Oedipus? Remember all that cool crazy stuff about smooth vs. striated space, nomadic lines of flight and adornment for speed?]

Howard Storm working on his island of intensity

I had a philosophy professor in college who talked about creating “islands of intensity” in order to break out of the ontic dimension into the transcendental [meaning a higher dimension that reflects upon and is critical of ontic structures] and on through the window of virtuality to  the nomadic realm.  He was a great teacher – made it really fun and meaningful to take a philosophy class. He inspired me to go to Université de Saint Denis in Paris to sit in on one of Deleuze’s classes.  It was that semiotext(e) stuff that was circulating in the late 70’s – 80’s. Fun and fascinating – but way out there.  It’s still around and it is still looks to me like it is impenetrable.

I miss that wonderful philosophy professor, H. Rabbin. I still ruminate on the things he taught in his classes and I’m working on my own island of intensity here at ConnectHook.

4 comments on “Islands of Intensity

  1. Happy to see that someone else has fond memories of dear, brilliant Harvey. Thirty-some years later, some of our discussions still resonate in my work and life.


    • drew says:

      Same here. Every day I still think about things he presented to us. Harvey doesn’t only teach classes – he makes disciples ! Thank you for commenting, Juanita.


  2. justin ayres says:

    I miss Harvey Rabbin too. I wonder what he is up to if he still is alive?


    • drew says:

      Classes with him were something amazing.
      I had no idea how special they were until years later.
      I hope he is still transcending ontic reifications…


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