Nicaragua to Mikey Dread

I just posted Nicaragua by Darío to the Español page.   I always think of primitivista art when I read that short poem.   Darío mentions tigers in the poem, which is strange since there are none in Central America.  My Spanish vocab words for the day [from the poem] are zahareño  (“untameable, wild, unsociable, intractable”;  I always thought it meant “Saharan” and Darío was merely being exotic  but I was wrong) and peaña   (“pedestal”,  for a statue or art object). The part  about the idol reminds me of the idolos de la isla Zapatera but they are not on diamond pedestals so you will have to imagine your own.   Since the human heart is an idol-factory, that shouldn’t be too hard. My lovely wife is from Nicaragua, and I have sometimes placed her on a diamond pedestal—and so another connection to the poem.

On the reggae side of things, I linked my reggae poem to a Mikey Dread dub song only to find out he passed away on my birthday in 2008.  I had not known that.  I always loved his dub music and he seemed like such a positive Rastaman. The stuff he did with the Clash on Black Market Clash was great (Armagideon Time) but my favorite is Beyond WWIII.  I still have African Anthem –  on cassette!  Since he passed away 3 years ago you can see I am really on the cutting edge of Reggae news these days.  Well, we are already in eternity, so what’s  three years here or there, right?


2 comments on “Nicaragua to Mikey Dread

  1. CJK says:

    I remember hearing someone describe rastafarian religion saying that it boils down to the old testament, the law, and… ganja. When talking with a Jamaican fella recently, a Christian, I made the comment that because they have only the law they need the ganja. If they were to have the law and Jesus they wouldn’t need the ganja! He agreed and we had a good laugh.


    • drew says:

      It must take a lot of Ganja to believe that Christ has already returned in the person of the ex-emperor of Ethiopia. From what I know about that part of the world, it is definitely not a land flowing with milk and honey. ” Woe to the land shadowing with wings which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia”. ” They shall be ashamed and afraid of Ethiopia their expectation and Egypt their glory” …Isaiah and Zephaniah, as well as other prophets, say some cryptic things about that land. Only JAH knows what is going on for sure…
      Thanks for enlightening comments Cathy.


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