I am sad to hear of the murderous repression in Nicaragua by the Sandinista regime, at the hands of the tyrant Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo. In the linked article there are reports from Granada, my wife’s birthplace and the town we were married in. [Granada hosts an annual poetry festival, BTW]. It is a picturesque town, which was submitted as a World Heritage site in 2003. It appears there is looting and destruction happening there right now (?)

While the mainsteam media repeats over and over and over again negative comments and continued criticism of our President Donald Trump, here close to the USA a storm is brewing. Nicaragua (which is closer than Venezuela) is becoming more violent daily. Think for a moment, before you pull out the cushy patio furniture and bar-b-que getting ready for the summer of 2018, there are many suffering needlessly close to home.

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Rubén Darío  (1867-1916)

Madre, que dar pudiste de tu vientre pequeño
tantas rubias bellezas y tropical tesoro,
tanto lago de azures, tanta rosa de oro,
tanta paloma dulce, tanto tigre zahareño.

Yo te ofrezco el acero en que forjé mi empeño,
la caja de armonía que guarda mi tesoro,
La peaña de diamantes del Ídolo que adoro
y te ofrezco mi esfuerzo, y mi nombre y mi sueño.