I WILL publish the words to Abide With Me  this morning before going to church.

I will NOT get lost in the online idol factory this morning.

I will NOT spend hours finessing placement of  a little graphic in the body of text.

I will NOT let Bing and Google take me on any micro-Odysseys this morning.


I WILL put the words to this wonderful hymn in the Music page.

I WILL include some background information from   http://www.cyberhymnal.org/ :

Lyte was in­spired to write this hymn as he was dy­ing of tu­ber­cu­lo­sis; he fin­ished it the Sun­day he gave his fare­well ser­mon in the par­ish he served so ma­ny years. The next day, he left for Ita­ly to re­gain his health. He didn’t make it, though—he died in Nice, France, three weeks af­ter writ­ing these words. “

The wife of  William H. Monk, the organist who composed the melody, said:

“This tune was writ­ten at a time of great sor­row—when to­ge­ther we watched, as we did dai­ly, the glo­ries of the set­ting sun. As the last gold­en ray fad­ed, he took some pa­per and pen­ciled that tune which has gone all over the earth.


I WILL abide in Him today.      May He abide with you.    God bless you.

2 comments on “Abiding

  1. drew says:

    I first heard this as the organ melody alone on a Catholic radio station. They play it every evening. The melody was so beautiful. I had to find out more. I got it mixed up with Isaac Watts DUKE ST. in my mind : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcq5_cdcytk

    I later found the words to it. Pure Poetry. This ROCKS. Bang your head. Raise the DEAD.


  2. curt says:

    Matthew Perryman Jones does a lovely version of this song:

    I need His presence every passing hour…


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