Pair of Pentychs

Quick post about two artists I like:

Two years ago, at a Job Lots-type discount store, I found a trove of art postcards on sale. They were produced by  Pomegranate  in CA. I bought two unfolding pentych postcards by artists I did not recognize. That’s how I discovered Mati Klarwein and Cliff McReynolds.

One pentych postcard was the  Saint John Pentych by Mati Klarwein. I read a lot into this painting;   the  desolate mediterranean view from within a cave and the fair damsel with Greek written all over her chest bring to mind  Saint John on Patmos and the “woman clothed with the sun” of Revelation.   Did the artist intend this?

The other postcard was Cliff McReynold’s La Jolla Pentych.

McReynolds output  is  far less, but I find it equally illuminating. I just learned that he did an album cover for Flora Purim. I can’t find all five frames of his pentych online, but here is a link to Now (available as a poster) and below you can see the central painting (Life):

Looks like poster is available here:

Klarwein is better-known since he established himself as an album-cover illustrator in the 60’s and 70’s.  You have probably seen his work on Santana and Miles Davis albums among others.

ABRAXAS annunciation-1961

In this part of the Saint John Pentych below I found the perfect match to the epiphany at the end of  It’s All Too Much .

I won’t go on about these two – just look at the links and the artist’s sites.

4 comments on “Pair of Pentychs

  1. Scott Fox says:

    The five panels of Cliff McReynolds’ The La Jolla Pentych are; WILL, NOW, LIFE, LOVE, DEATH. They are slowly being released as prints.

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    • Chado says:

      This lesser-known American artist has produced some truly great artwork.
      The La Jolla Pentych is magnificent and shows the glory of God.


      • Scott Fox says:

        Cliff is one of the original seven members of what is called “The California Visionary Arts Movement/School”. The complete list is Cliff McReynolds, Gage Taylor, Bill Martin, Sheila Rose, Thomas Akawie, Nick Hyde, and Joseph Parker. They were put on the map when they were all featured in the book VISIONS by the famous 20th center curator Walter Hopps. You can reach out to the website and request a better image for your social media post (if you want). Cliff’s work …. Wow! Mind-blowing images with tons of spiritual depth. Kind regards.

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      • Chado says:

        Thank you for your informed commentary and for visiting my blog.


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