Martin Luther (King)


Because his Christian father so esteemed
that German protester who dismissed the pope,
His name reached heights few would have ever dreamed
In our days of easy change and godless hope.

A posthumous nation drones: yes we can,
forgetting he was a Baptist preacher
a theologian—perhaps  Republican . . .
I remember him as a  scriptural teacher

Calling his country back to God. The haters
closed their hearts to the righteous prophetic word
(as today’s deck-shuffling race baiters).
Many who play that card still haven’t heard

Those words from Amos, that thundered sentence.
speaking of more than merely civil rights.
Such lines should spark nation-wide repentance
as long as we still keep him in our sights . . .


4 comments on “Martin Luther (King)

  1. indytony says:

    I really appreciate this provocative post, reminding us of the inspiration behind King’s thirst for justice and hunger for righteousness. I chose to write today on the racism that was and still is prevalent among some white Midwesterners. It’s called “Was He Only Dreaming?: Hoosier Perspectives on Martin Luther King”. I’d love for you to check it out and tell me what you think.


    • drew says:

      People conveniently forget that he was a Christian pastor who invoked the Lord of scripture when he talked about judging others by the “content of their character” rather than their color. Yet people bypass this and I see a lot of race-hustling going on in his name. I will check your post.


  2. Awesome! Yes, convey the spirituality behind the Nobel Laureate please make time to read my article assimilating Dr. King with the holy Messenger Moses and my current religious Leader


    • drew says:

      By saying “current religious leader” does that mean it could change?

      I find more carnality and controversy than spirituality behind Dr. K…
      But he was a great orator.


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