Beyond Patriarchy: Heteroglossic Disjunctures

Today’s textual deconstruction features Pato patito, a revolutionary text when properly interpreted as a call to  dislocation and abandonment of rigidified, striated civil/state space for the nomadic production of new identities.

Here we see the narrator as feminine change-agent celebrating an amphibious disjuncture: a duck in the desert (who is actually a human syntagmatically representing the amorphous concept “Duck” as commodified fabrication) dancing to a cumbia. The narrative  supersedes linguistic ontology by transcending norms of codification [“quar-a-qua-quack / quar-a-qua-quack] and expanding the linguistic prototype  into pure glossolalia,  bringing the orthoglossic/heteroglossic antithesis to a new level of possibility.  This polylectic paradigm embedded in meta-linguistic narrative is juxtaposed to the worn-out wagon, a symbol of the obsolete orthodoxies which now lie abandoned in the cultural hinterlands – that is to say, in the defunct and abandoned social-control strategies of the patriarchal state which once reigned unquestioned. Ultra as well as trans sexual politics are affirmed and simultaneously rendered ridiculous in the duck-protagonist’s reverse codpiece, clearly symbolizing sexual synthesis as well as a booty-call to decentralized polymorphous perversity.  More to follow when I get my doctorate…

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