When the damned lost souls are voidedhttps://i0.wp.com/4vector.com/i/free-vector-curvy-road-ahead-sign-clip-art_109587_Curvy_Road_Ahead_Sign_clip_art_hight.png
into the abyss of hell
I hope to have avoided
that last death-knell.

The blood of Christ assures me
that such can be admitted.
I pray it sanctifies me –
desires permitted.

They preach of joy unending
of sheer expanding praise,
but the unseen evidence lingers:
my carnal ways:https://i0.wp.com/vector.me/files/images/1/9/195796/svg_road_signs_clip_art.jpg

I flash on astral hotties
(the flames that life denied)
among celestial bodies
beyond the great divide.

I muse on raptured virgins;
Christ’s parables made flesh
and my unspoken longings
unveiled and fresh.

I long to know profoundly
the promised stellar faces –https://i0.wp.com/static.seton.com/media/catalog/product/Road-Construction-Signs-Caution-Construction-In-Progress-L3570-ba.jpg
or sleep so deep,  so soundly
no dreams leave traces.

My hopes for that dimension
alloyed with base designs
grow vague. Incomprehension
misreads the signs.



6 comments on “Heaven

  1. SalvaVenia says:

    Humankind cannot deny its carnal drive. But that is not the question, anyway.

    Sex being a undeniable feature of the created human being, is has to be refined and satisfied as any other need or human attribute. The only question to be debated in this context, is, “how”?

    Thus, we should understand to study all those guidelines available for men, i.e. the so-called Holy Scriptures, be it Koran, Bible, or otherwise. Read it, understand it, weigh it, and draw all necessary conclusions. Reach for the best, don’t stay with the obsolete or unnatural. Strive for the proverbial middle course by striking a balance between everything.

    And do it, don’t stall or stand still.


  2. pandoratears says:

    Ouh, la,la, les chaudasses astrales , :-D, évidemment la traduction française ne doit pas valoir l’anglais, mais j’ai aimé
    Croyez vous que si j’envoie ma poésie au New York Times, j’ai des chances ?
    J’aimerais avoir votre avis.


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