Disabused of Muses


Poetry, you dazzled my eye
teased me with unearthly visions;
got me too high.

Primed my soul to fly to heaven
then marooned me upon the earth
sixed for seven.

You called across celestial shores
glowing in empyrean colors
then shut your doors.

Lost in your amusing mazes
I followed fast your golden thread
through dark phases.

Muse-abused and undelivered
my heartstrings wavered, stalled, then stopped—
arrows quivered.

Poetry, you’ve cheated on me;
winked and flirted, then escorted

Spare me further cantos, curses,
keep your holy delirium,
unhinged verses…

On second thought, oh Lady cruel—
humiliate me. Lead me on.
(I’m still your fool.)

Dominatrix, queen of the word
for you I’ll suffer untold shame.
I’m undeterred.


IMAGE CREDIT: 3bp.blogspot.com 
[Roxy Music album cover: For Your Pleasure 1973]

3 comments on “Disabused of Muses

  1. SalvaVenia says:

    One step forward and two steps back, or two steps forward and one step back? :)


    • Drew says:

      If progress is possible, I hope to move forward rather than regress – both poetically and spiritually…


      • SalvaVenia says:

        The mind, of course, is a world of its own; a palace of mutually reflecting mirrors, in which imagination emerges creatively out of the – divine – mind. Or runs riot, sometimes.

        We should never forget that it is a self-creative realm, where everything thought acquires an existence having its own laws – irrespective of the physical universe. Here, memories mesh with memories, moving out of their time-bounded setting into the timesless, so to say.

        Here, inventions outreach their utility, averring themselves to be anonymous.

        Therefore, how poetry – or the process of creating poetry – could ever be negative or fraudulent? Shouldn’t it always satisfy both, heart AND mind (philosophy/rationality)?

        To improve, one has to move. Can’t be helped. :)


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