April May Call the Tune

yellow_crocus_flowers_in_the_snow_1600x1279.jpg (1600×1279)

The coming month showers us with significance
for solidarity with worthy causes:

Alcohol Awareness Month, 

Autism Awareness Month,

Confederate History Month,

Jazz Appreciation Month,

National Child Abuse Prevention Month,

National Poetry Month,

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

In response to this the cruelest of lunar cycles,
I shall again participate 
in National Poetry Writing Month

(For a challenging writing prompt,
try stringing all these noble causes together in one single poem…)

6 comments on “April May Call the Tune

  1. LOL, well said. It is Be Aware Month, be very aware, be aware of all things at all times! If you are not being aware, you are not paying attention. Pay attention! This is not attention deficit month!

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    • Andrew says:

      I am painfully aware of too many worthy causes clamoring for our attention in April.
      Poetry will resolve it all, however.

      Poetry will eventually bring the rain and make the pretty flowers grow…

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  2. C.C. says:

    Wow, when you put it all out there at once like that, it does seem a tad overwhelming….a mite demanding of our attentions and energies all in one month, doesn’t it? I like your approach to attempting to put it all into one poem and the idea that poetry will bring the rain and make the pretty flowers grow. Looking forward to seeing you (reading you) in NaPoWriMo)!

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    • Andrew says:

      I also look forward to your 30 poems of April. I like the look of your blog with the wild gear works. Thanks for visiting.


      • C.C. says:

        Thanks, Andrew….they are meant to represent the wild gears in my brain…always turning, grinding away :-P Sometimes I wish they would just stop and give me a moment’s peace, you know???

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  3. […] this week, I was reminded by a fellow blogger how many unique causes are associated with the month of April … most notably for me, National […]


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