Beatnik Disembarks from Bardo Plane

Ginsberg Burning

Once I hoped to write like Ginsberg—
but Allen Ginsberg went to hell.
His bolder Buddhist poetry glitters,
then opens like an empty shell.

In vain one searches for the pearl
within the lyric art he showed us.
Open wide his rotten oyster –
seek the center of the lotus.

Perverted lost Semitic soul,
lyrical ranter,  mind unhinged…
He celebrated sin and shame
while crew-cut culture cringed.

His beatnik aircraft took off fast,
flew into bardos of the damned
promising enlightenment—
but the cockpit was unmanned.

6 comments on “Beatnik Disembarks from Bardo Plane

  1. wiseblooding says:

    Bravo. Ginsberg is probably one of the primary reasons I steer clear of “free verse.” In my younger years, I experimented with it (free verse, not LSD), but written on LSD or not, it’s downright tedious.

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  2. Regina Nevermind says:

    Put some music on your poem!! ;)


  3. Andrew says:

    Special request for Regina:


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