Here, the bifurcated portal
gateway of expanding life
smiles rebirth—transcends the Mortal
splits the double “you” of wife.

Hail the great democratizer;
let us all salute the Queen—
Mankind’s rosy equalizer:
She Whose Splendor Reigns Unseen.

Treasure trove of procreation,
tunnel of love and fleshly muse,
membrane of illumination,
countryside’s exciting views…

Organ played to heights celestial,
bio-rhapsody exposed
proving that our best is bestial
and our earthly home foreclosed:

Grant us now behold thy beauty,
worship at thy humid throne.
Let mankind discharge his duty
in thy sacred pleasure-zone.

Though Somali blades despise you,
though your maidenhood offends,
Egypt’s night will not disguise you
nor separate you from your friends.


Image adapted from The Vagina: A Literary and Cultural History by E. Rees

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