Casually Sensibly Clad


Dumpy semi-feminine somethings,
ambling rotund wrecks of time—
wraiths of increased girth and grayness;
womanhood unsublime . . .

Where the dignity in aging ?
Where a minimal decorum?
Could you not yet bear some vestige
presentable in public forum?

All I see are jowly short-hairs:
Dressed to dullness, clipped-face mean.
Form subsumed by frumpy function;
drab routine.

Surely God has taken vengeance
stealing thus your womanhood.
Is this sloth? Or liberation
. . . misunderstood.

Other cultures guard some glory,
seem to age with more élan:
picture nomads, desert queens
of Mythistan.

Chiseled faces, sculpted hard
by time and faith and fate and God
lines unsoftened by abundance
I applaud.

The Godless West lays waste to glory.
Is our ease of life to blame?
Casual geriatric matrons
bring us shame.

Is it North American only?
Is this just genetic traits?
All such mortal non-description
insults the fates.


3 comments on “Casually Sensibly Clad

  1. It hits both sexes alike, you know. Perhaps it is God’s way of forcing us to look for beauty beneath the skin before it’s too late. Or maybe it’s us lady’s taking revenge for spending a lifetime trying to please you guys with the way we look.
    As usual, a very provocative poem.:0)

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