Dual Airbags

Give him a skinhead, insignia, boots

Less scruples, a swagger-stick, crowds, money.

No black shirts visible. Just business suits,

and pride is restored: tragic but funny.

Proud like a skyscraper, godless as sin

Babylonian promises, towering lies

Reality shows when plutocrats win,

Their rhetoric raining from empty skies.

She-wolves, elected by uninformed sheep

behave predictably, eyeing the flock

Their wool (and the lamb-chops) are hers to keep

Grazing voter—this should come as no shock.

It’s a bitter pill (more like pilloried)

So shall we now be Trumped or Hillary-ed?



3 comments on “Dual Airbags

  1. I think she hired him to destroy the opposition because in the whole Clinton/Bush scenario, it’s her turn to be ‘coronated’. However, he may get carried away with the game he’s playing and decide to win. Either way, we lose big time. I’m writing in John Galt.

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  2. madblog says:

    Liked if only (but not if only) for the title and pic. Perfect.

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