Natacha Atlas

This song was featured on a tape I was given in Central America in 2002 . The music came pulsing up to my dwelling one tropical morning from the house next door. Normally one hears a lot of Cumbia, disco and 70’s pop there but this was an unearthly Arabic groove. I loved it the first time I heard it. Later, the neighbor recorded a cassette for me which I still have. The singer was unknown to me for 14 years until yesterday when I walked into a museum gift store and heard the song playing. I asked the cashier who it was and he wrote down for me her name and the title of the song. Now I know.

Kidda (كده)

Natacha Atlas

Oh night / Why my darling? / My darling why?
My darling why is it like this when I love you?

Why? I know you love me / Why, oh time?

My soul
Where is the justice, your highness the judge?
There is no justice in your hands and death is usual around you…

You made me love you / Why, why, why?
Oh master / Why? / Oh darling
One day you will face your destiny
and demand mercy from my inspiration
Oh soul , I mourned, I mourned, I mourned…

نتاشا أطلس‎‎

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