Latina en la tina

Wussup professional Latina ?
Diversity been good 2 U?
Water warm enuf 4 U?
Shaking down enough rich gringos to fund your Non-Profit?
(speak against capitalismo here)
Got time for la Revolución after your pedicure today?
(mention the border here)
still watching Oprah, Abuela?
heard from your third ex-husband recently?
Wussup, consummate professional.
(turn on NPR here)
Got nail polish? Got car waxed? Got investments?
(take a networking business lunch here)
Have you streaked your hair enuf?
(mention indigenismo here)
I hope you are caring well for all the nietos
and still have time to be a tiburona
(insert italicized Spanish word here)
How are all your gente ?
(mention mujeres fuertes here)
Hey Latina—when did you move out of the barrio ?
(mention La Raza here)
Mujer Latina—wussup ?
How is Gringolandia workin’ out 4 U ?
(turn off Univisión here)
’cause if the oppression gets too bad
you could always move back
to Venezuela
or Chihuahua
or San Juan,  or…
(mention Trump here)

(you hypocrite you)
Brightly shines the night
when Latinos count as white
(data-driven light)

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