The Imminent Danger (Pt 3)

God does not speak to us by the audible voice of an inspired prophet; nor is it necessary. We know, or may know from His written Word, that it shall be well with the righteous and ill with the wicked. The appearance of an angel from heaven could add nothing to the certainty of the declarations He has already put into our hands. He has likewise raised up and perpetuated a succession of His ministers to enforce the warnings He has given us in the Scripture—and to remind us of our sins, and the sure and dreadful consequences, if we persist in them. Nor are we left at an uncertainty as to the event, if we humbly confess them, and implore forgiveness, in the way which He has prescribed (1Jo 1:9). The Gospel, the glorious Gospel of the blessed God, is preached unto us. Jesus Christ as crucified is set forth among us. His blood cleanseth from all sin, and they who believe in Him are freed from condemnation, and completely justified (Rom 8:1; 5:1, 8, 9; 8:30). They have also free access to a throne of grace, and like Israel they have power, by prayer, to prevail with God and with man (Heb 4:16). And shall it be said of any of us, that the Lord gave us space to repent, and invited us to repentance, and we repented not? May His mercy forbid it!

John Newton:
The Imminent Danger and Only Sure Resource of Our Nation


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