The Imminent Danger (Pt 20)

3. Faith

And let us pray in faith. Let us remember what great things the Lord has done in answer to prayer. When sin had given Sennacherib rapid success in his invasion of Judah, he did not know that he was no more than an ax or a saw in the hand of God. He ascribed his victories to his own prowess, and thought himself equally sure of Jerusalem, but Hezekiah defeated him upon his knees. He spread his blasphemous letter before the Lord in the temple, and prayed, and the Assyrian army melted away like snow. When Peter was shut up and chained in prison, the chains fell from his hands, the locks and bolts gave way, and the iron gate opened, while the church was united in earnest prayer for his deliverance.

The present is a very important crisis. All that is dear to us as men, as Christians, is threatened. Our enemies are inveterate and enraged. Our sins testify against us. But if we humble ourselves before God, forsake our sins, and unite in supplications for mercy, who can tell, but He may be entreated to give us that help which it would be in vain to expect from man. Yea, we have encouragement to hope that He will be for us, and then none can prevail against us. But without His blessing, our most powerful efforts and best concerted undertaking cannot succeed.

John Newton:
The Imminent Danger and Only Sure Resource of Our Nation


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