UNvarnished Trumpery



with Trump Speech to Benighted Notions


The notion of nations united
gets the global progressives excited.
Their party of Babel
is Nimrod’s own rabble
(we’re left with the Right uninvited).


2 comments on “UNvarnished Trumpery

  1. Scott Whittaker says:

    I followed you from uncensoredjohnsimon. I read the above poem and it made me laugh. I posted this on facebook few days ago:

    A slight kink

    According to those with discriminating taste,
    Discrimination is what lays the world to waste.
    We all come from the same African mother,
    Draw a line in the sand and brother turns “other.”
    But we will soon have no borders, patience,
    By orders of the, uh, United Nations?


    • Desdi says:

      This is great stuff Scott.
      Thanks for connecting and I hope you visit often.
      I don’t do F Book but I imagine you take a lot of heat for posting such verse.
      (Borders/Language/Culture !)


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