Poetic Hits

It’s fun getting a few more views per day than usual as we move toward Spring with National Poetry Writing Month. I enjoy checking other people’s blogs as well.  If you want to participate,  you can submit your poetry blog HERE.

This year, I will re-post some of my older poems during March.
I have published 30 original works every April for the last four years.

You can read them by clicking on the NaPoWriMo widgets to the right

This one from 2015 gets a lot of hits
(I expect by people looking for something else
and for all the wrong reasons)


      Hello Porneia

Girly-girl, I feel you near . . .
thanks for stopping by (again).
You knock, then whisper in my ear
that S-word mightier than the pen.

I haven’t seen you for so long;
beholding now your rosy charms
let me let you right my wrong
within your warm and virtual arms.

Take me to that field of flowers
where the wondrous waters flow.
Temper there my raging powers—
none, save God, will know.


(Porneia and I go back a long way . . .  but since we broke up, our relationship is strictly Platonic)


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