News of the Muse

This blog gets more views than usual during National Poetry Writing Month.
I enjoy checking other people’s blogs as well. Take a look at them so far.
To participate, you can submit your poetry blog HERE.

I have published 30 original poems every April for the last four years.
I am re-posting some older work during March.
You can read them by clicking on the NaPoWriMo widgets to the right


To a Progressive Poet

Your poems read as staggered prose;
the rhythm of the words escapes you.
One assumes, un-mused, you chose
a free-verse prison to run into.

You are modern. And it shows
in lack of structure, meter, beat.
Your emperor, set free of clothes
meanders on unsteady feet

exposed as naked, fending blows
from anarch subjects bored to tears
by cryptic, existential woes
and dreary imagery. One hears

within the verbiage you compose
a load of godless free-form tripe.
The lyrical ebb achieves new lows;
the scent is somewhat over-ripe . . .

Flux Danger

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