Borderline: Eight Feet to Closure


Poetry ought to do things right
and document reality—
but modern muses lose the fight
weaponizing identity.

Out-doing themselves, our leaders all
legitimize perversity.
Who gave them this satanic call
to demonize normality ?

In showing off their dubious worth,
the nation’s ignobility
transform to Babel all the earth
augmenting instability.

They can’t go One-World fast enough
suppressing Christianity.
Their matriarchy’s mom is tough,
enforcing femininity.

Milk of reptilian global beast:
postmodern animality
offers her withered poison breast
maintaining infantility.

They pour across. We help them in
supporting illegality;
our taxes fund their brand-new life
rewarding criminality.


 YOU  finish it


re-wording historicity

furthering imbecility

fanning flammability

normalized vulgarity

shortening eternity

denying immortality

PROMPT #2: write a poem that similarly resists closure by ending on a question,
inviting the reader to continue the process of reading
(and, in some ways, writing) the poem even after the poem ends.

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