Precipitating Events: Monkeyshine

Single monks dwell alone, due to pride
but true monkeys go seeking their bride;
and a monkess (no nun)
loves some rain with her fun
on the street’s sunny simian side.

Cohabiting the sky

suspended droplets and sunlight

cloud vapor silvered with solar illumination:


We shrieked it and jumped around

along that shifting frontier

between childhood and joy

between sunshine and falling raindrops


We knew they were entering into conjugal bonds;

nuptial specifics were irrelevant

the celebration was probably far away

in Borneo or Congo or Amazonia . . . or behind the sky

but it was monkeys getting married

only there and then:

along that impermanent line

where the rain didn’t know the sun was out

and the sun did not know it was raining

that fine line: monkeyshine

shout it out (when you were 8)

negative ions in the air

distant yells of children

hopeful smell of peaceful summer neighborhoods




write a poem that starts from a regional phrase,
particularly one to describe a weather phenomenon.





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