When White Men Mow Their Lawns

Nature’s bounty is sustainably managed;

Transparency and sincerity meet at the grassroots

Children play, shrieking with laughter in 1957

Your parents or grandparents or great-grandparents

Meet and remain married

While beatniks scream in stupefied rage

The fog of war subsides

As you purchase a new sofa

The gold-backed dollar grows greener

Silver shines truer and brighter

The free market surges

Entrepreneurs create new goods and services

The grass is forced to reach a pleasing uniform height

Weeds are suppressed

American women grow more alluring

Church and state

Support each other symbiotically

Underdeveloped nations improve their infrastructures

Shamans smile cryptically in exotic lands beyond the U.S.A.

Twenty-somethings improve their Yoga asanas

Chickens begin to sing, from every pot

When white men mow their lawns



produce a poem that meditates, from a position of tranquility,
on an emotion you have felt powerfully.

One comment on “When White Men Mow Their Lawns

  1. But when white men
    began to dance
    like Billie Jean in a trance
    it all became a freaking mess 😎

    Liked by 1 person

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