Underage Limericks

Jeffrey Epstein is gone. Suicided?
The conclusion is still undecided.
A libidinous god . . .
or a jewel for Mossad?
The tribunal is deeply divided.

Mr Epstein is gone . . . wonder where.
Is he dead? All conjecture is fair.
Was that him on the slab?
We all hoped we would blab;
his declassified secrets to share.

While her In-N-Out burger went cold,
Madame Maxwell held secrets untold.
She looked young for the times;
Let her pay for her crimes
and we’ll help the fine lady grow old.

This procurer of underage tail
made the Post, and then later, the Mail
Let us sing a refrain
for recruiter Ghislaine:
we would like her detained without bail.

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