In the garden of earthly delights

A disturbing assortment of sights;

From sublime… to more ominous,

Holy Hieronymous

Painted abysses and heights.



    Lay of the Knaked Knight

Revealed beneath her seventh veil:
A poem on her ass in Braille.

My fingertips caressed that verse
And read her lyric universe.

An astral plane of swelling curves:
Her lyre well-strung to calm my nerves.

My lovely muse! All lettered charms
Grow warm in her angelic arms.

Her noble face, her tawny cheeks
Bestow the balm my spirit seeks.

Bright thoughts arise, and glowing, pass
Upon the volume of her ass.
PROMPT #6: a poem from the point of view of a person from Bosch’s triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights

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