Face Me on Twitbook


I still listen to cassettes on my Walkman —

so wake me up when the next big thing develops . . .



Cuneiform: Textual Intercourse

u text me dis
i text u dat
she dissed my dis
i sent last Sat.

u lol’ed
on down the list
i sexted six
(my 7th missed)

u banned my width
i book your face
u twittered on
she save my space

u scrolled me down
he tweeted smiles
we USB’ed
recharging miles . . .

u giga-bit
encrypted files;
i saved as mine
and cached denials

in digital
we re-erased
then skyped our souls
and interfaced.


PROMPT #17: write a poem that features forgotten technology

(You can download it for free.)

2 comments on “Face Me on Twitbook

  1. I will never be convinced that there is a better way to listen to music than on vinyl…but I’m old-fashioned like that. Some clever wordplay in this one — unlike twitter ‘poetry’, I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. :)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Desdi says:

    Vinyl is a warmer, fuller sound. And I love the concept of an album as an integral whole, a unified series of songs in a particular order.
    Today it seems to be about isolated downloads instead. Thanks for your comment.


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