Sects and Drugs and




Study the microcosm:

same old socialist

tyrant on the loudspeaker:

revolutionary compound,

demon king enthroned

in his pavilion;

feudal lord

having his way

with all his nubile daughters . . .

the inner circle

with the automatic weapons.


Jim Jones

was a star.

No Little Richard, he . . .

no wannabe white nights

of James Browns . . .

away with your Elvises

your Supremes;

lightweight crooners all:

mere Marilyn Mansons.

But Reverend Jones

played the REAL funk,

the TRUE Soul music.

There is earth,

there is wind,

and sometimes


But Jonestown LIVE

that was a show, brothers and sisters.

When Reverend Jones was at the mike

it was serious as hell.

(Father knows best.)

same old lies / same old poison / spiritual wickedness / lost souls recycled for hell
communes / community / communism
(heard all this shit before):
strident calls for Social Justice / the Social Gospel / Socialist Delusion
Father knows how it ends.

Drink up, brothers and sisters:

it’s closing time.


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