Science-Based !

Buddha is nothing. Muhammad is no one. Freaky six-armed Hindu monstrosities are a lie. Cults and sects can’t save you. Marianism is idolatry. Darwinism is an untenable theory for God-haters. Atheism is a false hope. Mosaic law will not justify you. Judaism can’t name their Messiah. New Age superstition is a dead end. Drugs will scramble your mind. Being a good and decent human being while refusing to acknowledge your sin will send your soul to hell. Global unity and multicultural harmony is a propaganda ploy and a pipe-dream. Marxism is a murderous totalitarian deception. Religion is a man-made labyrinth and justification of hierarchical power and control. Paganism is a nice thought but it is not absolute truth. Witchcraft is an abomination. GLBTQRSTUVWX etc. activism is for neurotics, psychotics, and misfits. Nazism is antichrist. Nihilism is a hard sell to friends and family. Republicanism is for plutocrats and country-clubbing check-signers. Liberal-Progressive politics will not cut it with Almighty God, your judge and mine as well. Salvation is found in JESUS CHRIST and in Him ALONE. Repent and believe the Glorious Gospel. Jesus is the ONLY WAY to heaven. Deal with it.

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