News 13

(FOX-21, AP, KTWTV 4/13/21) :

Following unsubstantiated reports regarding a potential news story, inhabitants of the neighborhood near what is purported to be the vicinity of the event describe seeing significant presence of both state and local law enforcement. Outside investigation and independent expert review have been brought in, according to a witness who declined to give their name on record. Sources close to the alleged whistleblower made unconfirmed allegations early Saturday, and a swift response by unnamed law enforcement agencies appears to be forthcoming. Federal and state agents are collaborating in an attempt to confirm the source or sources of the allegations. An agent wishing to remain anonymous until indictments are unsealed confirmed to KTW-TV: “we can’t say much yet but motives and identities of the perpetrators should be made known within a specified time-frame”. Residents were advised Sunday to be aware of suspicious individuals, both known and unknown, and to share suspicions or tips with local authorities through a hotline opened for that purpose. In the event that motives and identities are eventually disclosed, grief counselors and circus clowns have been alerted. Sources close to witnesses of the event maintain that a news story may have occurred. 



write a poem in the form of a news article 

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