Po: Dead?

The majority of poets today are little interested in connecting with the common or educated reader, and for the most part are devoid of the skill to say anything memorable or quotable. The only option, then, is to fall back on theory, whether manifesto-driven or a sort of hobby-horsemanship. By theory I mean a critical blueprint governing subject and method as well as a prior ideological agenda to be expressed in verse. In either case, the former takes precedence over the latter. The language of the poem tends to be either didactic or decentered, hortatory or disruptive.

David Solway: Is Poetry Really Dead?

4 comments on “Po: Dead?

  1. And if they are quotable, it’s for all the wrong reasons. Case in point: Gabbie Hannah’s ‘poetry’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmOMi7WZ8ng

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    • Chado says:

      I love the obnoxious Brit. Gabbie deserves to be taken down by such a fellow. I was blissfully ignorant of Miss Hannah’s dubious talents until now. She must be a disciple of Rupi Kaur.
      All of this rot and absurdity is more a symptom than the actual cultural malaise itself.

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    • Chado says:

      Now I am on a roll:

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      • Ha ha, I think we went down the same rabbit hole! Difficult to believe that this actually sells, but it seems the malaise has had enough time to fester (but at least we get to laugh about it, Dirty Pretty Things is ATROCIOUS.)

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