Lion Judges Livestock: Doom

Michael Wigglesworth (1631—1705)
The Sheep separated from the Goats


Thus every one before the Throne
of Christ the Judge is brought,
Both righteous and impious,
that good or ill hath wrought.
A separation and diff’ring station
by Christ appointed is
(To sinners sad) ’twixt good and bad,
’twixt Heirs of woe and bliss.

Who are Christ’s Sheep


At Christ’s right hand the Sheep do stand,
his holy Martyrs, who
For his dear Name suffering shame,
calamity and woe.
Like Champions stood and with their Blood
their Testimony sealéd;
Whose innocence without offence
to Christ their Judge appealéd.


Next unto whom there find a room
all Christ’s afflicted ones,
Who being chastis’d, neither despis’d
nor sank amidst their groans;
Who by the Rod were turn’d to God,
and lovéd him the more,
Not murmuring nor quarrelling
when they were chast’ned sore.


Moreover, such as lovéd much,
that had not such a trial.
As might constrain to so great pain,
and such deep self-denial.
Yet ready were the Cross to bear,
when Christ them called thereto,
And did rejoice to hear his voice,—
they’re counted Sheep also.


Christ’s flock of Lambs there also stands,
whose Faith was weak, yet true,
sound Believers (Gospel receivers)
those Grace was small, but grew;
And them among an Infant throng
of Babes, for whom Christ died;
Whom for his own, by ways unknown
to Men, he sanctified.

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