Reprobates of the Left: Doom

Michael Wigglesworth (1631—1705)


All stand before their Savior,
in long white Robes yclad,
Their countenance full of pleasance,
appearing wond’rous glad.
O glorious sight! Behold how bright
dust-heaps are made to shine.
Conforméd so their Lord unto,
whose Glory is Divine.

The Goats described, or the several sorts of Reprobates on the left hand


At Christ’s left hand the Goats do stand,
all whining Hypocrites
Who for self-ends did seem Christ’s friends,
but foster’d guileful sprites;
Who Sheep resembled, but they dissembled,
(their hearts were not sincere,)
Who once did throng Christ’s Lambs among,
but now must not come near.


Apostates base and run-aways,
such as have Christ forsaken,
Of whom the Devil, with seven more evil,
hath fresh possession taken;
Sinners ingrain, reserv’d to pain,
and torments most severe,
Because ’gainst light they sinn’d with spite,
are also placed there.


There also stand a num’rous band,
that no profession made
Of Godliness, nor to redress
their ways at all essay’d;
Who better knew, but (sinful Crew)
Gospel and Law despiséd.
Who all Christ’s knocks withstood like blocks,
and would not be adviséd.


Moreover, there with them appear
a number, numberless,
Of great and small, vile wretches all,
that did God’s Law transgress;
Idolaters, false worshippers,
Profaners of God’s Name,
Who not at all thereon did call,
or took in vain the same.

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