To Hate: Life, Friends, & State

Michael Wigglesworth (1631—1705)


To whom the Lord returns this word:
“O wonderful deceits!
To cast off awe of God’s strict law,
and fear men’s wrath and threats;
To fear hell-fire and God’s fierce ire
less than the rage of men;
As if God’s wrath could do less scath
than wrath of bretheren!


“To use such strife, a temp’ral life
to rescue and secure,
And be so blind as not to mind
that life that will endure!
This was your case, who carnal peace
more than true joys did savor;
Who fed on dust, clave to your lust,
and spurned at my favor.


“To please your kin, men’s love to win,
to flow in worldly wealth,
To save your skin, these things have been
more than Eternal health.
You had your choice, wherein rejoice;
it was your porti-on.
For which you chose your souls t’ expose
unto Perditi-on.


“Who did not hate friends, life, and state,
with all things else for me,
forsake and’s Cross up-take
shall never happy be.
Well worthy they to die for aye,
who death than life had rather;
Death is their due that so value
the friendship of my Father.“

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