Mercy versus Sinner’s Misery

Michael Wigglesworth (1631—1705)
Others plead for pardon from God’s Mercy and Justice.


Others plead Others argue, and not a few,
“Is not God graci-ous?
His Equity and Clemency,
are they not marvellous?
Thus we believ’d; are we deceiv’d?
Cannot his Mercy great,
(As hath been told to us of old,)
assuage his anger’s heat?


“How can it be that God should see
his Creatures’ endless pain.
Or hear their groans and rueful moans,
and still his wrath retain?
Can it agree with Equity,
can Mercy have the heart.
To recompense few years’ offense
with everlasting smart?


“Can God delight in such a sight
as sinners’ misery?
Or what great good can this our blood
bring unto the most High?
O thou that dost thy Glory most
in pard’ning sin display,
Lord, might it please thee to release
and pardon us this day!


“Unto thy name more glorious fame
would not such Mercy bring?
Would not it raise thine endless praise,
more than our suffering?“
With that they cease, holding their peace,
but cease not still to weep;
Grief ministers a flood of tears,
in which their words do steep.

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