Case Studies

1)  Francophone Africa:
Studied Marxism and existential lit.
Obtained work visa to America.
Whined and railed against U.S. imperialism and kapitalism.
Took job at major university bankrolled by Pepsi corporation.
Became U.S. citizen.
Nice paycheck.
Still complaining.

  New England:
Affluent suburban life with loving parents. Went to Ivy League U.
Became lesbo-feminist/Marxist artist. Moved to the Left coast.
Used her talents to undermine the patriarchy.
Met successful male entrepreneur.
Became soccer mom in Beserkley.

  Midwest cow-town:
Tripped on Leary and Baba Ram Dass.
Followed the dead in a colorful van.
Lived the wannabee hippie life into the 90’s.
Traded tie-dye for business suit.
Now manages funds for major investment firm.

  Pacific NW:
Raised by single mom. Pot-head at 14.
Punk-rock anarchist turned straight-edge Buddhist.
Now a Maoist kindergarten teacher with 401K plan.
Paid vacations to vibrant underdeveloped nations.
Still agitating for revolution.
To be human is to be a SINNER and a HYPOCRITE.
Welcome to the club.
Christ is the only (only) way to salvation.

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