Night Ode to the Goddess

Hail, dark form!

Watcher of the sacred grove
Leaper of the Parapet, Ascender of the Divine Tree!

Shadow-crowned, render of helpless mammals
She of sharpened claw and blood-warmed fang!

Lurker and slinking prowler of the dark

Huntress of moon, terror of birds and mice
Watcher and waiter of the lunar jungle
Nocturnal priestess
Jaguar-goddess of Night
Puncturess of jugulars
Consort and matriarch of evening and dawn
Tree-Climber, Roof-Leaper, come!

We await your dread presence in shadow and starlight
Oh celestial pard and mountain-bacchante
Slayer of Dionysos,
We hail your arrival at the sign of padding paws.


Time for your Meow Mix !


We have a wonderful black cat.
Her name is Petra Electra Perpetua

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