Pink-Think: Queering Poetics


(preferred pronouns: She/Shoes/Shriek)
Cali is a poetic agitator and person of day-glo rainbow color. 
She is invested in poetry as liquid fuel to be ignited and expended
in burning down the hetero-fascist farm. 
Her work has appeared in Queering the Gayness, Transactions and Humpty Review. 
She has contributed scholarly work to Gendering Migration, 
focusing on gay discourses, U.S. imperialism, homonationalism, and pinkwashing. 
She has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from San Ysidro College. 
She’s a surfer who lost her board but still rides the wave . . .  
proud LatinX needing neither corona ni sombrero.
Cali is left-coast loca calificada for realz. Follow her on

The Preamble:

Sustainably globally gay / we need more NOW / socially-conscious progressive group-think / openness & tolerance of diversity in perversity / justice for more more more gay gay gay / it’s progress it’s now its queer-friendly because its sustainably globally gay / when gay gets gayer the queering gets clearer / so  start the conversation now about LGBT1A9.ZLX / inclusion through cluelessness in transparent openness / by the way— go GENDERFLUID / before homosexuality queers the queerness of the ongoing conversation / celebrate queerness, OK ?

The Monologue:

I choose to live life gay. More than that—the life of a gay man who has transitioned to woman, a LESBIAN woman. Therefore, I am a man choosing to live as a woman who desires other women. But I actually am a man. At least, I was a man. So, I am an ex-man who desires women (although I am a homosexual transitioned to female Lesbian). Therefore we need to talk about why I, as an ex-hetero, ex-man find myself oppressed by a gender-rigid society that would deny me my right to live as a woman who desires other women and so invert my original heterosexuality, and I am self-oppressed by this inversion. Only in transitioning to homo-hetero paradoxical heterodoxy can I make sense to myself, and therefore prove that God is wrong and that gender is mine to choose and to define. Because this is about ME (and my sexuality . . .)

The Conclusion :

  This world cannot get QUEER enough FAST enough for me . . .  and for my poetry.

Name your alter-ego, and describe him/her in detail. Then write in your alter-ego’s voice.

3 comments on “Pink-Think: Queering Poetics

  1. jilldomschot says:

    My alter ego is…a stuffy male statistician with flawless appearance except for taped glasses. He can secretly dance, though. Probably not as exciting as yours, but alas…. It’s hard to compete with Guillermo.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Chado says:

    Guillermo (emphasis on “mo”) is HOT for your alter ego.
    He’s looking to make him his Altar Ego in a STUNNING and FABULOUS wedding.

    Liked by 2 people

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