I Have Known Dogs

I have known some dogs.

Inevitably though, they

Eat death… roll in shit.



PROMPT: think about dogs you have known, seen, or heard about, and then use them as a springboard into wherever they take you.

3 comments on “I Have Known Dogs

  1. This poem matches my feelings about the prompt perfectly…but while I was thinking about a cuddly doberman, you actually wrote a poem that is not devoid of wisdom. Chapeau!

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    • Chado says:

      Yes. these prompts almost inspire rage sometimes. I mean where do they think a dog is going to take you . . .
      Now a cat, that’s a different poem ha ha ha.

      Chapeau? Like tipping your hat?

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      • It was the “write about something small” prompt all over again. I thought with the first one: why not about something big? I drafted a little polemic, but it got nowhere (too bad to meet the public), and the next day — before I could finish it — there it was: “Write about something big.” I like prompts that get me a little out of my comfort zone, I tend to write the same poem over and over again, and I bore myself! But neither cats nor dogs nor things big or small really spark anything for me…but oh well, complaining about the prompts is part of the experience. :)

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